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Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Registration

Once you have bought a vehicle, bike or trailer, you are required to transfer the vehicle into your name. To do this you will need the Original NATIS Documents and have a 21-day grace period in which to do it. With our help and advice, you will be able to both take the vehicle out of the previous owner’s name, transfer it into your name AND renew the licence date of transfer.

Vehicle Licence Renewal

Renewing your vehicle’s Licence is an annual/yearly requirement, and must be done before the licence expiry date. You are given a 21-day grace period in which to renew the vehicle Licence, which is calculated from the date of expiry, provided on the current disk. Failure to renew your vehicle’s licence will deem you liable for penalties and arrears. Making use of our convenient services will allow you to renew your Vehicle Licence without having to step into a Licencing Department, or fill in any frustrating forms. In order to ensure that our clients avoid paying penalties and arrears, we provide a Licence Renewal Reminder to each client, three weeks in advance.

Vehicle Change of Ownership

If you have sold a vehicle, trailer or bike, don't rely simply on the buyer to register the vehicle. Complete a Change of Ownership, which removes the vehicle from your name once it is sold. With our services, you can quickly and efficiently remove a sold vehicle from your name, thus preventing the chances of being charged penalties for a vehicle that is no longer in your possession.

Vehicle Police Clearance

The following Documents are needed for Stolen/Recovery:

  • Owner’s Identification (ID Copy)
  • Copy of Registration Documents
  • Must make sure investigating Officer requested for ’S’ mark to be removed from system.
  • Police Case No. and details of Investigating Officer + SAP21 Document
  • Micro Dot Certificate

  • The following Documents are needed for Engine Change / Clearance:

  • Owner’s identification (ID copy)
  • Copy of Registration Documents
  • Receipt of Engine
  • Engine Number: MUST be on invoice
  • Micro Dot Certificate

  • VEHICLE IS NEEDED FOR POLICE CLEARANCE FOR +/- 2 HOURS Turn Around Time For Vehicle Police Clearance is 1 to 3 Working Days.

    The following Documents are needed for Temporary Export:

  • Owner’s Identification (ID Copy)
  • Copy of Registration Documents

  • If the Vehicle is taken out of the Country on a temporary basis, it is advisable that a Police Clearance is obtained, to show that the Vehicle is NOT stolen.

    The following documents are needed for Permanent Export:

  • Owner’s Identification (ID Copy)
  • Copy of Registration Documents
  • Authorisation by owner to do Export,
  • Address Exported to
  • Passport copy of recipient
  • Details of receipt
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